ModMath was developed in partnership with the Christopher's Way Organization whose mission is to educate and bring awareness to teachers and parents about dysgraphia.


ModMath is also made possible thanks to the hundreds of individual donors and those who made our Kickstarter campaign a huge success. Thank you all and special thanks to the following individuals and families:

Platinum Donors

Brian Smith                                        Wendy and Jeff Eisenshtadt      

Carrie Penner                                    Sara and Jeff Schottenstein

Marci and Darell Butler                    Marcia and Ken Denberg

Lorin and Dick Costolo                      


Gold Donors

Barbara Bluhm-Kaul                             The Kanter/Sarosi Family

Jeff Halbrecht                                         Dennis and Barbara Kessler

Gail Bernstein                                         Liz Pavlov

Jill and Allan Steinberg                          Diane Howard Zack

The Malkin Family


Silver Donors

Lizzie and Mitchell Schwartz              Amy and Michael Margolis

Ronald Goins                                       Lisa and Michael Meitus

Kate Webster                                       The Wood Family

Paul Hirsch and Alison Balis                Diane and Jon Powell

Jackie and Barry Hoffner                    Harold and Linda Chizewer

Peter and Liz Xilas                                Carole and Barry Rosenberg

Lynn and Peter Denberg                      Toby Barlow

Debbie and Danny Grant                    Nicola and Paul Weiskopf


Bronze Donors

Cindy Fenner                                     Juliana Cobb and Jonathan Rose

Josh Wexler                                       Laura Davis

Judy and Bob Vollen                         Linda and Steve Randall

Carol and Alan Greene                    Jamie Arnold

Lois and Marty Hauselman              Deb and Eric Toizer

Vinit Patil                                           Dawn New-Echlin

Nina Castaneda                               Joy Landan

Ryan Hartsfeld                                  Jackie and Steve Hirsh

Enid and Bob Blanc                         Marilyn Ferray

Matt Ludington                                  Joyce and Richard Prince

Gail and Lewis Segal                       Debbie Wohl Isard

Todd Sandler                                    Kate Wedlock

Carrie Holder                                   Kurtis Glade

Helen Cade                                      Bryn Jedlic

Laura Degrandis                              Art Kessler

Laurie Gonsalves                             Ruth and Michael Sklar

Belinda Reynolds                             Seth and Jill Steinberg

Eric and Randi Lachter                     Ellie Kalish

Kimberly Prigge                               Karen Berger

Alice and Joey Herz                         Ellen and Bruce Mondschain

Roger Harris                                      Ellen and Barry Finestone

Merle Arenson                                   Barbara and Greg Sigel

Toni and Jimmy Golen                      Gail and Brandon Reimer

Marty and Vanessa Friedman          Greg Bell

Sonia and Alex Bernstein                  Gail and Donald Goldstein