About ModMath Pro

Thanks to our users, we’ve received tons of feedback and suggestions on how to improve ModMath and help more kids with learning disabilities. But as a non-profit, we can’t possibly keep up with the requests and updates without a steady revenue source.

That’s why we developed ModMath Pro.

ModMath Pro takes some of our newest and most requested features and bundles them together for one low price of $4.99. These Pro-features are specifically designed for educators and power users who have asked for just a little bit more functionality. (Or for people who just want to help us keep ModMath free to kids who need it.)

ModMath Pro includes:

  • New Image Import Feature to make teacher’s work sheets easier to implement
  • New Note Tool so students can write comments right next to their work

Accessing any of these functions for the first time will bring up the in-app purchase option, and if you upgrade to ModMath Pro you'll have access to all features in the application.

The cost, $4.99, allows us to continue our mission of responding to user feedback and updating the app accordingly. We also hope we can generate enough income to afford a marketing budget. To date, ModMath’s growth has been strictly organic. We know that there are so many children out there who would benefit if they simply knew ModMath existed. 

Of course, the ModMath application will always be 100% free for anyone to use. And we thank you for considering ModMath Pro.

- The ModMath Team